SSM BizTrust

【Brava Outlet】 glad to receive the SSM BizTrust certificate with the highest level of trust (Level 3). And now, customers can shop smartly and safely at the same time.

Not only you can shop smart on 【Brava Outlet】 , now you can shop safely too! Registered and in good standing with SSM, following the established business practices in line with the SSM, 【Brava Outlet】 has become the Latest Fashion Accessories online company to be certified with the BizTrust mark from the Companies Commission of Malaysia or SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).

SSM BizTrust is a standard obtained by online businesses that have complied with the characteristics of the trust principles and criteria that have been established including business registration, online security, and protection of information.

There are 3 SSM BizTrust Levels:

Level 1: The entity is registered and in good standing with SSM as well as complying with established business practices in line with the SSM BizTrust Registration Principle.

Level 2: The entity follows established business practices in line with the SSM BizTrust Privacy Principle.

Level 3: The entity has demonstrated its ability to protect the security of the system (both physical and logical) in line with the SSM BizTrust Security Principle.

【Brava Outlet】 has managed to obtain the highest level of trust, which is Level 3.

Receiving SSM BizTrust means a lot to a business as it will help to boost consumers confidence in dealing with online businesses that offer service or share information on the website.

Therefore, you can be rest assured to shop with us. Again, we are really proud to be the one of online Fashion Accessories company to receive BizTrust certification. If you have any other clarifications, feel free to talk to us.

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