Black PVC Hat
Black PVC HatBlack PVC Hat

Black PVC Hat

RM38.00 MYRRM35.00 MYR

Product Details

Hat Around:56-58CM.


PVC Removable:Yes (But Kids Size cannot removed)

1.Anti-fog fisherman hat, It can protect the face, mouth and nasal cavity. 360-degree wraparound without dead corners to care for your face and block!

2.Strong protection, stop dust and keep away from droplets! A must-have for travel during the flu!

3.It's safer to go out to buy food, go to the supermarket, and take the train!

4.Classic fisherman hat design, epidemic prevention and sun protection are beautiful!

5.The mask can be disassembled for easy cleaning and can be disinfected with alcohol

6.Eco-friendly material, non-toxic and tasteless

Noted🔊 Washing tips:

1. Wash at cold water, turn over and wash;

2. Add some salt in the water to avoid color fade.💥

3. Avoid vigorous rubbing during washing;

4. Choose neutral and mild detergent, not to use alkaline detergent (such as washing powder, soap);

5. Shorten the soaking time;

6. Avoid exposure to sunlight