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Flores Amor Preserved Flower Frame - Customize photo

Flores Amor Preserved Flower Frame - Customize photo

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Flores Amor Preserved Flower Frame Customize with your lovely photo.  
Create Your Own Flower Frame now~
Flowers are so delightful because they can make even the gloomiest of days feel better. That's because it shows a woman that she is appreciated and loved deeply.

Since fresh flowers have such a short shelf life, we're only able to experience these moments a handful of times.

Preserved flowers are the gift that keeps giving. It can be 3-5 years from now when your lady will need a little pick-me-up.

There's no better way to brighten her day than with a preserved flowers frame. It can take her back in time and remind her of the special feelings you two share.
H O W . T O . O R D E R - (Easy Step)
STEP 1 : Choose Your Packaging
STEP 2 : Add To Cart and Checkout
STEP 3 : we will contact you by WhatsApp, and please send a photo that want to put in frame(photo can choose to do round shape or love shape).
STEP 4 : Once photo send just wait for the (Demo)photo result come out, we also will contact you by WhatsApp.
STEP 5 : (Demo)photo send to you, once confirm, it will pos out on the next working day.(Done)
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